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Monumental promotes, produces, and provides platforms for emerging artists while developing new works, new views on established works, and the next generation of audience members. 



Monumental Theatre  Company was founded in 2015 by Beth Amann, Jimmy Mavrikes, and Michael Windsor. With the support of individual donors who shared their vision, they were able to begin producing shows in March 2015. Monumental has become a place for young artists to develop their talents from writing to acting and beyond. In 2018, they received the John Aniello Award for Outstanding Emerging Theatre Company at the Helen Hayes Awards. 


  Co-Artistic Director 

   Co-Artistic Director 


Josiah Hernandez Secretary/ Treasurer

Matthew Kacergis Chairperson
Kaiya Lyons Vice Chairperson
Jimmy Mavrikes  

Brian Shaw

Walter Ware III
Michael Windsor  
Derek Zumstein  


Jimmy Mavrikes 

Co-Artistic Director

Michael Windsor

Co-Artistic Director

Megan Bunn 

Associate Artistic Director

& Casting Director

Marika Countouris

Music Supervisor


Savina Barini

Jonas Creason

Tyler Dobies

Venus Gulbranson

Adelina Mitchell

DeCarlo Raspberry

Olivia Wanat

Policy Against Discrimination 

& Harassment

Monumental strives to create and maintain a work environment that is characterized by mutual trust, creative exploration, and artistic freedom. To be truly inclusive and safe for all participants, we firmly believe that this environment must be free from all forms of intimidation, oppression, exploitation, humiliation, discrimination, and harassment. 

Read Monumental's Policy on Discrimination and Harassment here.

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