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Songs for a New World is a series of seemingly unrelated stories strung together by truths revealed in moments of fear, hope, courage, and connection. In the setting of a small support group, we explore the messiness of being human. 

Jason Robert Brown’s powerhouse score (New York City Center 2018 Encores! Version) includes a moving collection of musical theatre favorites like “King Of The World,” “Stars and the Moon,” and “I’m Not Afraid of Anything." 

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The show is available to watch on demand on your computer or mobile device for 48 hours. You will receive a unique code that allows you to watch as many times as you'd like within your 48 hour window. The countdown starts when you start watching the show, not from time of purchase.



Season Sponsor: Mike Blank
Production Sponsor: John Porter 
Artist Sponsors: Howard Menaker & Patrick Gossett, Andrew Isen, Savada Stevenson Family, Michael Burke & Carl Smith
Video Sponsor: Mary Boeckman

Creative Team

Director | Megan Bunn
Music Director | Marika Countouris
Choreographer | David Singleton
Videographer | Zack Gross, Hand Me Down Films
Production State Manager | Thomas Nagata
Costume Designer | Jeannette Christensen
Production Assistant | Aletha Saunders
COVID Consultant | Abigail Nolan
Artwork | Jordana Abrenica & Jacob Rivera-Sanchez

Woman 1 | Kylie Clare Smith
Man 1 | Elvie Ellis
Woman 2 | Sarah Anne Sillers
Man 2 | Ryan Burke

Sound Design & Audio Engineer | Alec Green
Recording Engineer | Draper Carter
Bass | Jonas Creason
Drums | Sam Carolla
Percussion | Marty Risemberg
Guitar | Matt Horanzy
Cello | Aron Rider
Viola | Andrew Weaver
Violin | Jeffrey Thurston
Violin | Sonia Garcia-Lee

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