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Songs for a New World is a series of seemingly unrelated stories strung together by truths revealed in moments of fear, hope, courage, and connection. In the setting of a small support group, we explore the messiness of being human. 

Jason Robert Brown’s powerhouse score (New York City Center 2018 Encores! Version) includes a moving collection of musical theatre favorites like “King Of The World,” “Stars and the Moon,” and “I’m Not Afraid of Anything."

Songs for a New World is available to stream on demand starting July 2


Season Sponsor: Mike Blank
Production Sponsor: John Porter 
Artist Sponsors: Howard Menaker & Patrick Gossett, Andrew Isen, Savada Stevenson Family, Michael Burke & Carl Smith | Video Sponsor: Mary Boeckman

Director | Megan Bunn
Music Director | Marika Countouris
Choreographer | David Singleton
Videographer | Zack Gross, Hand Me Down Films
Production State Manager | Thomas Nagata
Costume Designer | Jeannette Christensen
Production Assistant | Aletha Saunders
COVID Consultant | Abigail Nolan
Artwork | Jordana Abrenica & Jacob Rivera-Sanchez

Sound Design & Audio Engineer | Alec Green
Recording Engineer | Draper Carter
Bass | Jonas Creason
Drums | Sam Carolla
Percussion | Marty Risemberg
Guitar | Matt Horanzy
Cello | Aron Rider
Viola | Andrew Weaver
Violin | Jeffrey Thurston
Violin | Sonia Garcia-Lee

Woman 1 | Kylie Clare Smith
Man 1 | Elvie Ellis
Woman 2 | Sarah Anne Sillers
Man 2 | Ryan Burke

Creative Team

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